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Ruthless Billionaire: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Anya Palvin

24-year-old Ciara successfully got her doctorate in Science and Medicine, and to celebrate this victory, they decided to go on a trip to Italy together with her two best buddies. She plans to open and run her own private practice in New York in just 3 weeks’ time. 

That same trip, she witnesses a murder and sees a man bleed to death after receiving countless gunshots all over his body. She wasn’t able to discern his attackers, but the man who seems to be their leader happened to see her, and for the first time in forever he was fascinated. 
To what measures is that ruthless billionaire willing to go, just to have Ciara in his hands? 
Find out in Ruthless; A Dark Billionaire Romance. 

                                                            My opinion:
Ciara had officially become a doctor so her parents as a present, paid for her trip to Italy. She went to visit one of her favorite museums, then she wanted to walk all the way to her hotel and that's how she witnessed a murder. Choker, the man responsible for that, noticed her and he immediately tried to find out about her. He was so transfixed by her that he decided to go find her. He really liked her and that was the reason that left her alone, he knew she wouldn't survive in his world. But his best friend had other ideas. Once he found out about his interest in her, he wanted to hook them up. Even though Choker was afraid for her safety, he succumbed to his desire to be with her. Since both of them were inexperienced in relationships, they made mistakes that almost cost them their happiness. Thankfully for them, their friends and family knew exactly what to do.

It's such a romantic and scary mafia story. It's filled with action/deadly scenes and equal romantic ones. There is not one fully erotic scene but there are a few short ones and many funny ones. About the characters: Ciara was a very beautiful yet goofy girl who was always focused on school and later at work so she didn't get to live her life. Choker was an incredibly handsome, impatient, ruthless, selfish, arrogant, dominant, and dangerous man who turned into a love-struck teenager in front of her. It's an amazing book, very entertaining and I was amazed at how well balanced is the action and the romance part.

                                             You can buy it from Amazon:
                                      Ruthless Billionaire

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