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Savage, Broken, Beautiful: A Sexy Contemporary Rom-Com Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Marian Tee

To save her father from prison, geeky graphic artist Arabella Blume agrees to sell herself to Aurélien Sauvage, a young French billionaire whose life is shrouded in mystery and strange and conflicting rumors. 

When she’s immediately whisked away to a remote island, Arabella braces herself for all kinds of torture. But instead, her new life is more perplexing than terrifying. 

During the day, the staff pampers her like a princess. 

But as for the nights – 

They’ve become her most precious and shameful secret. 

When all is silent and dark, Arabella succumbs to the dangerously addictive passion of her master. Night after night, he listens to her, he talks to her, he makes her laugh, he makes her forget – and later on, he fucks her. 

He fucks her long and hard, he fucks her until she passes out, he fucks her so, so beautifully, and Aurélien promises to cherish her forever – for as long as she doesn’t break his rules. 

Never talk about me to anyone. 

And she doesn’t. 

Never kiss me. 

And she doesn’t. 

And the most imperative, my beauty – never, ever try to look at me in the light. 

But Arabella does. 

She doesn’t mean to, but it happens, and that’s when Arabella realizes all along she’s been making love to an animal. 

A man with a beautiful face, sapphire eyes, and a lethally powerful body, but at the same time a beast with terrifying horns, claws, and fangs – 

Oh my God. 

La bête Sauvage. 

It’s what the islanders have been whispering about – something they’ve always known but never told her, something she thought she understood but didn’t, something that may change the way she sees him – 


Her owner. 

Her lover. 

And he seems to know this, too, as the beast – her beast – asks quietly, 

Do I frighten you now, ma belle? 

Do I disgust you? 

Do you want me still? 

                                                         My opinion:
On a remote island was born Aurelien Sauvage, a beautiful boy whose appearance was different from everyone else.  He was always so kind and caring but one incident changed him forever, he no longer felt human capable of being loved, he was just the Beast.  Arabella's father was going to go in prison for a crime, she was trying to find a way to help when she received a letter.  She signed a contract, and from that moment she was owned by Aurelien Sauvage. She thought that she was going to only be his prisoner but she was treated like a princess, it confused her. What bothered her the most was her attraction to her captor, she knew she should only hate him not want him. Soon they became lovers who fell deeply in love with each other. Their happiness was growing each day until his fears threaten to ruin everything. But Aurelien's instincts were right from the beginning, Arabelle was the only woman who could love him...

OMG!!! It is magnificent. It is so fun to read and oh so sexy. I loved every part of it. It's well written, it begins from the past and goes to present. It doesn't drag out the secrets or the pain, it's quite joyful most of the time.  Many of the scenes contain teasing between the two main characters. Happiness is the number one feeling in this book. I even caught myself smiling so many times throughout the book. The characters are extraordinaire. Arabella is a very beautiful, smart, strong-willed young woman, she loved deeply and fought for the people who she cared for. Aurelien was a beautiful but broken man, he was kind, caring, well mannered, and had the need to love and be loved. He was able to brighten her day with simple acts and she managed to bring his humanity back. The world needs more books like this one. I can't wait to read more about this story!!! 

P.S. {Is it bad to say that I liked this version better than the real fairytale?} 

                                You can buy it from Amazon:
                                  Savage, Broken, Beautiful

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