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Secret Daddy by Lucy Wild

There’s a reason why I lock myself away.
There’s a reason why I don’t answer my door.
If you can’t resist temptation, it’s better to hide from it.
I tried to make her leave, I told her never to come back.
But now she’s inside, I have no choice.
I have to make her mine.

When he said go, I should have listened.
I was always told: don’t talk to strangers.
Never get involved with a man who lies.
Definitely don’t ever set foot inside his house.
But when he tells me to strip, I can’t help myself. 
I have to obey.

                                                         My opinion:
In her effort to escape from her past Donna bought a house in a town far away from her hometown. On her way there her old car had broken down, thankfully for her someone was passing by that moment and helped her. George was coming home from the Dark Club after a disappointing night when he saw the innocent young girl on the road. He had no intention of helping her but seeing her so vulnerable made his instincts kick in. Since Donna moved to her new house she wandered around the city and then found the local drama group. She loved to play, but there was a slight problem there with the new show and she offered to help. That's how she met her hero again. He was extremely rude and grumpy but she was attracted to him. George was trying to stay away from her but it wasn't working. He couldn't resist her anymore so he created a plan to get her to submit to him. With a very subtle clever way, he introduced her to the Daddy/princess' roleplay. When he felt she was ready he made her an offer she couldn't resist. For one night she would be his with no rules. But one night wasn't enough for either of them. So when they managed to let go of the past they happily moved on with their lives together.

It's sexy and mysterious. It's based on the BDSM Daddy/little girl relationship. In the first part of the book, it's the tame version of Donna's introduction to her submissive side by George. Also, it shows the love both of them have about the theatre, each of them for their own reasons. In the other half, George showed her who she really was and that she shouldn't hide that side of her. After that, there were some very erotic (kind of hardcore) scenes. Towards the end is where we learn about their past and their future together. I liked this story a lot, I loved the George protectiveness.

My favourite line:
“I need help.”
  “You certainly do. But for now, let’s concentrate on getting you out of that ditch, shall we?”

                                 You can buy it from Amazon:
                                         Secret Daddy

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