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Kept Safe by Lucy Wild

 The whole town's looking for her...
No one knows where she is...
Except me.

I'm a respectable man, everyone says so. I lead an ordinary life. But I've got a secret, one that I'll do anything to protect. Down in the cellar, away from prying eyes, she's waiting for me.

Whatever she needs, I provide. I keep her clothed, I keep her fed, I keep her safe. The only thing I can't give her is the one thing she wants even more than her

                                                          My opinion:
 Jack had firstly met Bella when she was a little kid. He felt back then that the little girl was in danger. Fifteen years later had come the time for him to protect her. His job was to lock her up and keep her safe but her body was calling for him. The first time Bella met her new neighbour she was attracted to him, even later when he had her locked up, her feelings were mixed up. She obviously feared him but her body had a different reaction to his touch. As the days passed Jack failed to do one thing he promised, he couldn't keep his hands off her and she thoroughly enjoyed that. Their newly found happiness was cut shortly by the person who was after her. Jack was after them as well, no one was going to hurt his girl.

I liked it a lot. It has mystery, action and erotica. The relationship has a big age gap and is based on BDSM. The storyline takes place in only a few days and it's focused on the two of them. The only dark part of the book is her abduction. Other than that, it's quite kinky and a bit emotional, mostly because of the girl's past. What bothered me in this book is that leaves you with some unanswered questions about their past, it gives bits and pieces but it doesn't explain much. I would give this 3,8 stars.

                                                                        Kept Safe

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