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1)Terracotta Warriors by Berengaria Brown

Naomi was an organic chemist who after an inappropriate comment at work she was unemployed. For two weeks she had no luck finding something else. So she decided to call an old friend to help her. Branden and she used to be fuck buddies, but since he was more into men they didn't have anything more than that. Branden was in a relationship and he wanted to add a little spice to their sex life, so Naomi's call came the right time. They met and seemed that all three of them were getting along very well. So by the end of the night, she had a job and a regular plan for menage. They seemed to have a bright future ahead of them.

A short very erotic menage story. Half of it is concentrated on their chemistry and the good sex scenes the other half about the story of the Terracotta Warriors and their love for their job. Very enjoyable and straight to the point.

2)Dirty Diana by Francesca Hawley

Gun and his cousins owned The EB Ladies and Gentlemen’s Club. They were currently having a contest so they could hire new staff, one contestant had caught his eye. 
She was curvy in all the right places, oozed confidence and had great dance skills. This woman reminded him a lot of a girl he knew, but his sweet and timid Diane couldn't be this confident woman, or could she? Later the mystery was solved, they spent the night together by exploring her limits, and discussing their future.

A very sexy story. It contains a lot of erotic dance scenes, the relationship is BDSM related, based on the Dom/sub lifestyle. It might be concentrated a lot on the teasing and the sex part but it has a very sweet and emotional side. This one is perfect for the kinky readers.

3)An Unexpected Discovery by Regina Kammer

Roedogune was the princess of Parthia, she had spent many years as a captive by the Romans when they took their palace. While she was there she was communicating with spies and formed allies. After many years she was free for a while before she was forced to get married, so she ended up in a different kind of imprisonment. She never forgot her goal, to retrieve the sella regia, the missing throne. Her husband decided to send her a servant to help her with the search. Arashis was a very handsome man, eager to serve her. As the time passed they formed a bond and their lust was growing. Then the day came where they no longer could hold back and that was the when Roedogune found her true love.

A nice historical romance with a very interesting storyline. It uses this unique writing, just like how a royal from that era would talk. It describes how a princess is fighting for her legacy and how she suffers under an unhappy marriage. The sex scenes are limited but written with such elegance that makes them truly erotic. I liked this a lot.

4)Sinfully Hot by Tina Donahue

Jewel was a demon who was hunting souls to send to Satan. One night she decided to go hunting in The Last Stop nightclub but she was stopped by the owner, Zekiel, the reaper. He was the cause of her percentages going down. She made a bet with him if she won she would have unlimited access to his club. They both won, Zekiel had a whole evening with her to do as he pleased and she got access to continue her hunting. Then the unexpected happened and the demon with the reaper fell in love.

This is the sweetest yet sexy paranormal short story I have ever read. Almost 2/3 of the story is sexy and fun with just a few hints about Jewel torment. The other 1/3 is very sweet and romantic with a badass ending. I enjoyed it a lot.

5)Ice Queen by Nicole Austin

Delanie had a crush on Kyler when she was in highschool, she was the good girl and he was the bad boy. Eight years later she ended up working in his father's company with him as a boss. Soon they started having an office fuck relationship. After a huge announcement that brought her world upside down, she realised that Ky and her could have a lot more than she thought. He loved her and he was going to help her with anything she needed. He was ready to change his whole life for her.

A very sexy and romantic story. It contains many types of sex:office sex, angry sex, sweet love making. Simple storyline with an unexpected finale.

6)Peter’s Story by Suz deMello

Peter's parents had died and in order for him and his siblings to get their fortune they had to lead a repsectable life. But almost two years later he was found in a big bad situation and he needed help. Thankfully for him he had a very good attorney, Roxanne Fox . He liked that woman a lot, and after Peter changed she liked him too. The only problem was that as long as she represented him for this case they couldn't get closer. After this nightmare ended they were free to explore their feelings.

A nice romantic story with a little bit of mystery. The female character seems to be more dynamic than the male. She was a very successful woman who knew what she wanted while he was a troubled man with luck of confidence. I liked that the characters changed a lot throughout this short story. My favourite part was the last scene of the epilogue.

7)Tattoo Witch by Kathy Kulig

Sam and his girlfriend Anita was on vacation with the hopes of stirring up their sex life. There they met a strange couple who told them about a tattoo parlour run by a witch that would make them have the greatest sex of their life. Sam was curious by nature so he went and got a tattoo. Much to his surprise, it was working. The witch had informed him that this was dark magic and that there cannot be good without evil. Now that he had experienced the good part he was wondering what the evil would be. They found out soon and they were not happy. Their sex life was getting better but the curses were getting much worst. They regretted this decision, but they had only two choices live with this or pass it on...

A short story about dark magic tattoos and kinky sex. It's about a young couple who wants to have a better sex life but eventually paying the price of their choices. The end was very romantic.

8)  Dolphin Paradise by Kate Richards

The Polphin Paradise camp needed a new director, instead of choosing Karen who have been assistant director for many years they chose a man, Drake. Karen was furious about losing the position, but Drake was excited since he had a thing for her. His only focus for the summer was to seduce her. They had a week alone in the island before anyone came, but only a few hours together were enough for both of them to get to know each other better and begin with their summer fun activities.

Sweet, fun and sexy romantic story. Solely focused on the two of them with a few added information about their lives and the camp.

9)Tropical Heat by Alice Gaines

Mary was sent by Hugh Barrington's mother to bring him back home and to turn him into a proper gentleman. Based on the rumors this was going to be very difficult. Hugh didn't want to go back but he made her a wager and she accepted since she had no other choice. In the end Mary might have failed to complete her task but she gained a lot more.

A quite sexy historical romance with hot erotic scenes and informs you about two different cultures.

10)One Night With the Alpha King (Royal Alphas Book 1) by Belle Scarlett

 Shade, the Alpha King of Baria was going to marry Senator Anya Fortune of Nisca. The last minute she informed him through a messenger that she wasn't going to attend. That made him furious and sad at the same time. If he didn't convince her to marry him he would soon go crazy. Shade had one last chance to see if Anya felt the same way as him. And he was right the feeling was mutual but she couldn't accept his marriage proposal. Now it was her turn to fight for their love.

It's a very interesting paranormal story. Half of the book is filled with erotic fantasies and later real scenes. The other half talks about the different civilizations from the past till the present. I liked the fact that it wasn't solely focused on sex.

11)Summer Lovin’ by Nicole Austin

Now that Rissa's son was going to college she decided it was time for her to change her life, from an Army widow to a cougar on the prowl. On her first time out, thanks to her new car, she met a very handsome young firefighter. When they met the next time their goal was the same, to end up in bed. But JD wanted to get to know her a little bit more first. Rissa just wanted to have fun but he intended to own her heart. No matter how hard she resisted the inevitable happened.

A great fun story with a happy ending. It contains a relationship with an age gap, a cougar and a hunk with lots of sexual encounters. I loved every part of it.

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