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Sick Bastard (Sick and Twisted #1) by Jaci J.


Dante Marx is many things. 
He’s impatient, demanding, irrational, devious, and full of himself, just to name a few. 
It’s impossible to ignore him because he refuses to let me. 
Regardless of his behavior, his temper, his passion, and his lies, I want him. 
This man is making me lose my mind, but I’m ready to lose myself completely in him. 


London is everywhere. 
She’s on my mind, in my face, and in my goddamn world. 
I don’t want to want her, but I do. I want her more than my next breath. 
I don’t know how to keep a woman like her because I’m no Prince fucking Charming. 
I can’t give her up, nor will I ever willingly do so. She’s my obsession―my whole goddamn world, no matter how much of a pain in my ass she is. Nothing in my life will ever again make sense without her. 

                                                         My opinion:
London was living a pretty normal life between studying and working but all that changed when she met the dark and dangerous Dante Marx. With just a few words and his handsome looks, he had gotten under her skin. One moment he was insulting her the next he was kissing her, it was a serious mind fuck for her.  Since the moment Dante set eyes on her, he just couldn't keep her out of his mind. He stalked her and found out everything he could about her. For some strange reason, she became his obsession. London was creeped out by his actions but at the same time, she was intrigued as well. Day by day his craziness was warming up to her and so did her lust for him. Dante had reached the point of not functioning without her, he loved being near her and he hoped that the truth could be hidden for a while. As the threats for her life were more frequent there were some slip-ups that made her realise that Dante wasn't the one she thought. There was one thing that London didn't see coming and that was the one that tore her world apart.

It's the craziest fun (a bit dark) story I have ever read. It's not the normal love story, it's more like an obsessive erotic one with a little bit of mystery/action. 

It contains many explicit scenes, swearing, stalking and mafia style dealings. The first part of the book is about him going after her and the second part is him trying to keep her safe and keep her innocence intact. All of the main characters are kinda weird funny with issues, Dante is the king of them all. Because of his appearance, you can describe him as sexy, perfect, exquisite, impeccable, and immaculate. Now based on his actions he appeared to be deranged, crazy, with a multiple personality disorder. London is a very sexy curvy young lady, independent, smart, full mouthed with an Italian temper. I loved the parts where she tried to reason him, with no success of course. My favourite scenes were the one she teased him about his car. I liked this book a lot, I would give it 4.5 stars.

My favourite lines:
1)It’s official. He’s just proven that he was dropped as a small child.

2)If he touches me again, well, I might rip my own clothes off and climb him like a tree. I’m such a hussy.

3)There’s a fine art to eating pussy, and I consider myself the motherfucking Picasso.

4)“Good, because cara? I’m not going anywhere.” And if he did, I might die of shock.

                             You can buy it from Amazon:
                                        Sick Bastard

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