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The Devil's Love by TM Watkins

Book: The Devil's Love
Author: TM Watkins
Genre: Paranormal Romance
(it's from Wattpad)

The Devil's Love series consists of the following stories: Book 1: Tempt the Devil, Book 2: Playing with Fire, Book 3: Queen of Hell, Book 4: Shadow of Death. All of the four stories contained in this one book. This book is about Anton, The Devil, who finds his true love/soul, aka Sarah. The story begins with him just looking for a plus one for a wedding, soon he meets Sarah, he sees that she needs help and they strike a deal together. As they get to know each other they realize that something deeper is running inside them and that they want this to be forever. That's how the problems began because some other supernatural beings didn't want the Devil to be stronger by marrying his queen. They fight and solve the problems one by one without questioning each other's love. Until everything falls into place, Hell, Heaven and Earth exist without any more troubles.

This book has very good descriptions where it's needed, it doesn't contain many x-rated erotic scenes, it's kinda PG for my standards at least. There aren't any extreme torturing scenes and Hell's description is like a sunset full of crows and dragons. I liked the fact that it shows the Devil as a trickster rather than a monster, that in evil there is good and in good there is evil. Anton is sweet and romantic towards Sarah, he appears weak to resist her lust and very happy to have her by his side. Sarah from the beginning seems to be very different from everyone else. She likes to help others and doesn't fear the devil himself. She was also very smart and the more her family was threatened she became a little eviler. I'm in love with this book, I'd love to have it in my collection!!! Definitely, 5 stars rated...

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