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Review: HIS Everything by Frankie Love

The moment we meet, I know she’s everything I ever wanted.
And when she tells me her fantasies … there’s nothing that will stop me from making them come true.
She asks me to play her baby-daddy and wants the role of my wife.
I’ll give in to her domestic kink … after all, she’s a virgin determined to get her cherry popped -- and with a body as delicious as hers, I know I’ll need another taste.
We share one unforgettable night and make plans for plenty more … but then she disappears into thin air.
No trace.
No name.
All I have is the memory of her innocence and the belief that what we had was real.
Nothing will stop me from finding her.
She's my everything ... and I’ll make sure she never forgets it.

                                I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

                                           My opinion:
Liam was a great surgeon working at the ER, he was tired of it and just wanted to relax and have fun. He went to a bar for a drink and there he met a beautiful young woman, Avery. They started chatting and soon shared their fantasies which later that night they were gonna experience them as well. It was the best night of their lives, filled with incredible sex. They planned to meet again, but due to an unexpected event, it didn't happen. Nothing could stop Liam from looking for his little Lolita. Their plans might not have worked for the immediate future, but they believed strongly in their dreams, so life threw them a huge surprise.

It's a very sexy, sweet, romantic story. It's solely focused on the main characters' dreams and sexual fantasies. The first few chapters are filled with flirty and hot steamy erotic scenes. Then it gets a little bit sad but it ends with a very special scene. I loved every minute of it, it's short, light and fun. I will give this 4,5 stars, I would have loved one more erotic scene for their second time together.

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