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Review: A Girl to Die For by Lucy Wild

You never forget your first...

For Holly Simpson, moving on means giving internet dating a try. After all, what's the worst that could happen?
It's not long before she finds a match, a man who's charming, handsome, and looking for love.
Sure, there's a serial predator out there somewhere targeting online daters, a killer whose eluded capture for years as victims pile up across the country. But Holly's the careful type. She would never do anything without taking the proper precautions.
When she agrees to let him take her out, Holly has no idea that by agreeing to a first date, there might not be a second...

                                I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

                                             My opinion:
Holly was a girl who wanted to find a husband and start a family. Over the years it appeared very difficult to find that man. Her friend Fiona decided to help her by signing her up for an online dating app. A few days later she was matched with a man. They started flirting through messages, which was something new and exciting for her. So she asked him to meet her and he immediately agreed. Their first date had gone well and they planned a second one too. And that's when her nightmare begun, the sweet charming guy had turned into a monster. Soon her life was going to change forever...

One of the best dark stories I have ever read. Even from the prologue, you know that things are going to get intense and horrifying. Even though it is a short story it's written in a way that makes it look whole and longer than it is. It only has a couple graphic and sort of disturbing scenes, other than that it's pretty tamed. The first part of the book is nice, kinda romantic, it describes Holly's early life, how she ended up with her best friend and her non-existent dating life. The second half is where it starts getting darker, it's about her first few dates and how she slowly realized that she made a deathly mistake. It doesn't have a HEA but it has a huge twist at the end. I enjoyed it a lot and totally recommend it to those who like this genre. I rate this with 5 stars!!!

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