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Review: Glamour: Contemporary Fairytale Retellings: BROKEN HARP by Nora Flite

Once upon a time... 

Remember the fairy tales your parents read to you when you were little? 

These are NOT those fairy tales. 

From modern day royalty to metaphorical dragons, contemporary castles to sexy heroes, these bestselling authors twist tales as old as time into something new. 

GLAMOUR contains eight exclusive never-before-seen novellas that each have an HEA... because they all lived happily ever after.

                                                             My opinion:
                     I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Jack was in a desperate situation, he had to sell everything he owned so he and his mother wouldn't end up on the street. He was very nervous when he went to sign the papers, the only thing that calmed him a bit was the singer of the club. A beautiful woman, Harper, with a serene voice. A few hours later the same woman was the one that saved his life. Jack was given another chance and he was gonna use it. Many years later both of their lives had changed. Harper's dreams were crushed and she was working as a stripper for Mr. Big and Jack was getting ready to take his revenge on that man. He had made a plan and was ready to execute it but she stopped him. Jack was almost turned into a monster by his anger but for one more time, she showed him the light, this time he was her hero and eventually they had their happily ever after.

It's a dark yet romantic sort of fairytale. It's very well written, short and to the point. There are many plot twists that make it so interesting. There is romance, heartache, sweet funny moments and a few scorching hot. The characters are great and have a good chemistry. Once you start reading you just can't stop. It's a brilliant book, I liked it a lot. I give this 5 stars.

                             You can buy it from Amazon:
                    Glamour: Contemporary Fairytale Retellings

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