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Review: jake the panty-ripper (phantoms mc #1) By KanyeInterruptedMe

Sometimes your knight is in shining armor...and sometimes, he just happens to be in an orange jumpsuit that really brings out the color of his hazel eyes...● 

"What does it mean when a man you don't particularly want or need in your life says he's indebted to you for the rest of HIS life, whether you like it or not?  It means your bills being paid behind your back, and your hair being held back while your stomach declines all the body shots you took at the club.  It means your boyfriend getting assaulted for forgetting your birthday. It means unsolicited advice at 3AM involving how to get yourself off - and how to make epic risotto. It means suffocation, claustrophobia and general difficulty in breathing. It means hell on earth. It means dancing with the idea of getting this man sent back to jail."

                                                   My opinion:
It's a great biker romance. It has action, mystery, sex, drama, death. It has a captivating storyline with interesting characters. Both action and erotic scenes are very detailed and vivid.  The story is easy to follow and it's told from the girl's POV except for some chapters in the end. About the characters: Jake was a bad boy biker, he was used to violence and did some stupid things but he protected everyone he cared for. Maya was a sweet nurse, everyone in her town loved her. She had a big heart and hated violence and confrontation. She was a goody two shoes kinda girl but that changed after Jake came in her life. Both characters changed a lot throughout the story for the better of course.  It's a very enjoyable book, I totally recommend it for those who love biker romance. I rate it with 4.5 stars.

You can read it on Wattpad:

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