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Review: Saving Hope by Lucy Wild

They tried to kill her. I got in the way.

I wasn't built to be with anyone.
I'm like a raging fire.
Get too close and you get burned.
It's the way it's always been.
But when Hope literally crashed into my world, I had no choice but to take her in.
She was so pure, so innocent, so good. Everything I'm not.
When I saw what they'd done to her, I swore I'd make it right.
Now they're coming back to finish what they started.
But this time it's different.
This time, she isn't on her own.
I'm ready to defend her.
Ready to kill for her.
Ready to die for her.
And her unborn child.

                                                         My opinion:
              I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Rob and his business partner Anthony often placed bets out of boredom. This time it was Rob's turn to spend the night at a cottage without his phone. After a while, he heard a noise and saw a woman who was running from some people. From the very first moment, he felt protective over her so he took her with him to make sure she would be safe and healthy. Of course, the attraction was growing between them fast.  The men that were after her were very smart and found them sooner than he hoped. While he went to face them Hope fled, feeling awful because she put him in danger. For Rob, she was the one woman for him so he wasn't gonna rest until she was with him safe and happy.

This romance is full of suspense, mystery, secrets, and action. Very interesting storyline with a good plot and x rated scenes. Since the story is quite short, it's also fast paced but it has some unique elements that make it very interesting. The characters are very likable, their relationship developed quickly and it was super sweet. A great summer read i liked it a lot.

                                                                Saving Hope


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