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Review: TRITON by Alana Albertson

TRITON: A Little Mermaid Retelling
Aria—I teach mermaid fitness at a ritzy hotel next to the Naval Amphibious Base. I know better than to let one of those famous frogmen chase my tail. But in a moment of weakness, I submit to Erik, a tattooed badass Navy SEAL. After one night of incredible passion, I can’t stop thinking about his cocky ways and his dirty mouth.
Then I get the opportunity to train to be the first female Navy SEAL.
When I show up on the first day of training, I’m horrified to realize that Erik is my BUD/S instructor. He’s the only person who stands in the way of me achieving my dream.
I’m no quitter. He can taunt me, tease me, and run me ragged, but I’ll never ring that bell.
Erik—Aria is the most incredible woman I’ve ever met. She won the gold medal for synchronized swimming and she looks like a little mermaid the way she moves underwater. Once I find out that the sexy redhead is teaching aquatic classes next to my base, I vow to do anything to make her mine.
After our mind-blowing night together, she vanishes. I ask around and learn she went away to train. I assume it’s for another synchro competition.
I’m dead wrong.
She shows up in BUD/S as part of the first class to let in women. I’m head instructor of Phase One, and there’s no way in hell I will lower the standards of my Team to please the brass and make a political statement.
It doesn’t matter how much I want her because she’s forbidden to me now. I’m the teacher and she’s my student. She will obey my every command.
She can try to pass hell week but she will fail.
I’m a Navy SEAL, a Triton, a god of the sea.
And she will never be part of my world.

                                                          My opinion:
                       I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Erik was a Navy SEAL for eight years, now he finally got the chance to be BUD/S instructor. He found out that there would be a woman in his team and he was not happy about it. He became furious when he found out that the new girl was the woman who broke his heart, Aria. They met when she was teaching mermaid fitness at a resort. They had an instant attraction and even though she didn't want to be attached to anyone, he wanted her and he was going to have her no matter what. They soon started dating, they were having fun but Erik could feel that she was keeping secrets from him. He tried to make her open up to him but failed. The day he declared his love to her she fled. He felt betrayed and hurt so when he saw her again he vowed to make her life hell.

It's a modern retelling of the little mermaid. A nice romantic sexy story about a Navy SEAL and America's little mermaid gold medalist. It has a very simple storyline which makes it easy to follow through. There are many erotic scenes and equal romantic ones. The characters are great, they have a lot in common: both love to swim, train, they liked to be winners and hated to fail. They were kind and offered help to others. I liked the fact that even though it concentrates on the romance it also mentions how hard life is for the men in the Navy and for the heroes who can't fight anymore. It is enjoyable, I rate this with 4 stars.

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