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Review: The Mute Mistress by Mayen (MayenWrites from Wattpad)

Mary Georgia became a spectacle since she was eight years old. With her notable disability, she never wanted to be in the center of attention. Unfortunately, her eyes, being her most alluring feature, brought people closer than she ever wanted.  

Struggling to make ends meet, in the slums of the city, Mary and her small family are finally given a glimmer of hope. Her older sister, Nellie, comes across an opportunity that she couldn't take herself, yet Mary could. Hesitant to work as a maid for the wealthy, Mary had to swallow her pride and help her family survive.           

Once Mary traveled to her secondary home, she was intoxicated by the grandeur of a stunning mansion. However, she was sobered, as she stepped foot inside of the quiet estate, and Mary quickly learned that the mansion belonged to only one man-- Nathan Vanderbilt.

                                                 My opinion:
It's very romantic story about a mute girl that fell in love with her boss. It shows the struggle of a person with a disability. The difference between the poor and rich people. Most of all it concentrates on their love and lust, what they have been through and how much they changed over this little time they were together. It's written by both POVs, it's a pretty tamed romance with an interesting storyline and with a big surprise in the end. I liked it a lot. I give this 4,5 stars.

Mary lost her voice at a young age. Her life was very difficult since people were cruel and made fun of her often. Being so poor meant both her and her sister had to sacrifice their dreams to work so they could pay their bills. She found a new job with better salary as a maid at the billionaire's,  Nathan Vanderbilt, house. She loved and hated to work there, she loved it because of Belle, the friendly lady that was taking care of the house that treated her like a daughter and because she was attracted to her boss. She hated it because there were people that treated her badly and often Nathan was unfair and rude to her as well. When they couldn't fight the attraction that there was between them anymore, they started messing around. She loved and longed for his touch but unfortunately, that wasn't lasting for long. By society's rules, they couldn't be together which was destroying their happiness. Their lives were heaven and hell at the same time. With the help of a special person, Nathan finally took the brave decision and changed his life so he could be with the woman he loved.

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