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Review: The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Annie has never experienced the 'spark' with a guy-that instant chemistry that renders you weak in the knees. That is, until a night out brings her face to face with the dangerously sexy and mysterious Jack. It's not just a spark that ignites between them. It's an explosion. Jack promises to consume Annie, and he fully delivers on that promise.

Overwhelmed by the intensity of their one night together, Annie slips out of their hotel room. She is certain that a man who's had such a powerful impact on her must be dangerous. She has no idea that he belongs to another. That he's forbidden.

                                                              My opinion:
Annie was an architect who by the age of twenty-nine had her own house and was her own boss. A few days later she went to celebrate with her best friends and she met the man of her dreams. Her happiness was short lived since she found out that he was married, which made him forbidden. It was hard for them to stay away since they were working closely lately. They decided to secretly be together until he got out of his marriage. After that decision, their life became a dangerous roller coaster. They were falling more in love with each passing day, they enjoyed every minute they spent together, but the guilt and the drama made an appearance very soon. The plan was simple, he just had to leave his wife, but life is never easy and it was proven with the most horrible way.

It's a very dramatic adult romance. It's well written with a nice storyline. It contains lots of erotic scenes and a few romantic ones. The characters are ok, nothing really special. I liked their over the top chemistry, their playfulness and her crazy friends. I have found many similarities with This Man trilogy both on the plot and on the characters. Stories with infidelity aren't my cup of tea, so I'm going to rate this with 3 stars only based on the writing part.

                                               You can buy it from Amazon:
                                  The Forbidden

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