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Review: Love You Again: A Drawn Novel by Marian Tee

Dear Anonymous Readers, 

Let’s just call him X - the first and only guy I’ve ever loved – also the first and only guy who’s broken my heart. I used to think that trauma caused by ugly breakups was only a thing in books, movies – and yes, manga – until of course it happened to me. 

On hindsight, I really should have known better. He had so many issues it was only a matter of time before one of them drove us apart. And even if that hadn’t happened, we still wouldn’t have worked out. He was this perfect, gorgeous guy who had everything going for him while I…well, let’s just say I didn’t turn out to be this super-smart girl everyone thought me to be. 

I hate him as much as I fear him, so much so that even in my dreams I can’t make myself think of his name, much less say it. It’s like my mind’s completely blocked the sound of it, and now his name works like a breakdown trigger. If I let myself say his name, that’s it, and believe me – what happens after isn’t pretty. 

So yeah, it’s that bad between us, but I’m determined to put it all behind me now. I’ve moved to another country, doing my best to get my shite together. I’ve even made myself attend a goukon (a group dating thing) in hopes of finding love again. 

Everything’s going well… 

Until I bumped into him. 


Bloody. Bloody. Bloody hell. 

The sight of him has my world spinning out of its axis, my face draining of color, my throat locking oxygen out--- 

I can’t remember feeling more terrified than I was at that moment. But the worst thing is – I can’t remember when the last time I felt so alive either.

                                My opinion:

                   I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Katerina Chariot aka KC earned a scholarship from the Sheikh of Ramil. The school she would be attending would be in Tokyo at the Tsubaki College of Fine Arts. There, after many years, she saw her ex-boyfriend Yuki, again. She thought she was over him but she was wrong. She loved him and wanted him back but he kept pushing her away. This time she was determined to be with him and she was ready to do everything in her power to make that happen. For a while, they were happy with how their relationship was developing. But Yuki's fear almost ruined everything she had worked so hard for. KC was sure that their love couldn't last until he proved to her how wrong she was. The young couple finally had their HEA.

It's the sequel for Drawn, so I would suggest that you read that first so you can understand their relationship better. It's a very dramatic romance with some sexy and fun moments. The characters have changed a lot, KC is more brave and strong and Yuki behaves like a bad boy. It's from the few books that the determined girl goes after the boy. I liked her playfulness while trying to seduce him. I hated seeing her hurt, it broke my heart. There was a dramatic scene towards the end that made me cry. In general is a quite nice romantic story solely focused on the characters getting back together. I will rate this with 3,8 stars.

                              You can buy it from Amazon:

                                        Love You Again

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