Review: That Nerd by Laylaa Khan

Ever broken into Disney World at three in the morning? 
Ever pranked the police and almost gotten arrested for it?
Ever played paintball at the park in nothing but your underwear?

Maya hasn't. 
But she is about to...

Dylan Thompson is the most popular guy in the school and is seeking revenge after Maya slapped him for being a 'pervert'. 

What would you do if you were Maya?
Move to Mexico and change your name to Rico and then proceed to move into an apartment with a goat owner named Pablo, obviously.

What does Maya do?
She doesn't run, instead she kicks him where the sun don't shine and slaps him again.

Time for revenge nerd.

                                                             My opinion:
It's a cute romantic story about a nerdy girl and one of the sexiest popular guys in the school. Their relationship began by hating and irritating each other. After many funny incidents, they realized that they fell in love. At first it was hard for both of them to accept that, but eventually, they faced their fears and lived happily ever after. It's a very funny story, the characters are definitely crazy (they argue with themselves most of the time). They go into diss battles and use corny flirt lines. I liked it a lot, especially the bonus chapters. I will rate it with 4 stars.

Some of my favorite lines:
chapter 2: Yup, that's me, the sarcastic, little, cocky, fangirl. Nice to meet you.

chapter 8: Yup, I may not be good at fighting but don't get into diss war with me. I'll tune your ugly ass to hell.

chapter 9: 1)"You remind me of my pinky toe, you're small, cute, and I am probably going to bang you on my coffee table later tonight." Dylan winks.

2)"Did you just fart? Because you blew me away."

chapter 11:"Hey, my eyes are up here." I say. Dylan nods, "I know, but I wasn't checking out your eyes." He says, his eyes slowly scanning my body.

chapter 13: Ugh, can my head just go away for a while and come back when its feeling better?

chapter 16: 1)"You're so ugly even Bob the builder couldn't fix you." Dylan says.

2)"You're so ugly that hello kitty said goodbye to you."

3)"The police are looking for a suspect described as funny, sexy and great in bed. Your ugly ass is fine but where should I hide?"

chapter 38: Hate me all you want but my mind is as dirty as a dumpster and I can't help it.

                                 You can read it on Wattpad:

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