Review: Revenge of the pirate twins: Revenge series book #1 by Brandy Golden

Watching her father destroyed by pirates and her mother spirited away were the scenes that haunted Frankie Fontaine's troubled dreams. She vowed revenge on the pirate rogue Jacques LaSalle. With the help of her twin sister and her Uncle Pierre, she sets out to find LaSalle and the black ship, The Nemesis. Driven almost to the brink of madness, Frankie finally encounters him in a Caribbean harbor. But little do the sisters know that seeking revenge will lead them to two ruthless "gentlemen turned pirates" who will tumble them head over heels in love and over their broad laps for a bit of well-deserved discipline. 

                                                          My opinion:
Frankie was the Captain of Aphrodite. She had taken this role after her father's brutal death by pirates.  She and her twin sister had vowed to get revenge. When they heard that the man they were looking for was going to Pirate's Hideaway they decided to follow him there. From the very first moment they set foot on that island, their mouth got them in trouble with everyone. Both fiery girls had caught the interest of Morg MacAlister and Jacques LaSalle. Frankie's need for revenge was currently subdued by the chance that Jacques could give her information about her mother. They found out the truth and they were happily spending time with their new lovers. But some other pirates had other plans that put the girls' lives in danger. Lucky for them they were found soon and the pirates were rightfully punished. In the end, both Morg and Jacques had to own their mistakes and save the reputation of the girls.

It's a very eventful pirate romance. At first, it was confusing with all the many strange names that came at once. As the story progressed it became more clear and interesting. It has many fighting scenes, erotic ones and tons of spanking. I liked the fact that at some point it gives background information that helped with understanding the plot. My favorite characters were the twins, they had so much fire in them and spank. If you like historical romance and discipline spanking you're gonna love this story. It was quite nice and I will rate it with 3,5 stars. 

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