Review: Where We Ended (Where We Began Duet #2) by Nora Flite

Laiken has finally heard the dark rumors about me.
Everyone who hears runs away. But she can't.
She's trapped here, in my house—with me.
Each minute we're together I'm driven to swallow her up. To see if the electricity that moves between us will grow or vanish. I thought we were falling in love. Now, I'm sure that she hates my very existence.
But when she glares at me... I see a flicker of desire in her blue eyes. The way she fixates on my mouth reminds me of how filthy we've been.
How filthy we could be.
My father has warned me to stay away from her. He knows she's become my weakness. All my life, I just wanted to be the perfect soldier for him. To do everything he asked so he'd be proud.
I thought I could.
Laiken is doing her best to prove me wrong.

                                                                My opinion:
Laiken found out Dominic's dark secret and was warned to stay away from him. She tried but she couldn't do it, their desire was much stronger. Her pain and loneliness were growing each day, she had two of the most important people in her life close by but she had to stay away from both of them. Plus her situation was getting worst since her idea about the party was backfiring for her. After what his parents did to Laiken Dominic vowed to himself to protect her and help her get free. So when Laiken's and Kara's lives were in serious danger he managed to sent them away. Things didn't go as planned, they soon were discovered. When everything seemed to end, an unexpected person saved the day. With a few losses, Dominic and Laiken had finally the chance to start over. 

The sequel to where we began. Dark, mysterious, romantic and very erotic. The plot is far more interesting and explanatory. It has some intense and emotional scenes. In this one, we see the real characters, the reasons for how they became like that and how much they changed in the end. I was surprised by the twists in the storyline and I was impressed with the outcome. I liked it a lot and I recommend it to all the adult romance lovers. I will rate it with 4.5 stars. 

You can buy it from Amazon:
Where We Ended

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