Review: Revenge in the Highlands Revenge – Book Two By Brandy Golden

Will he be forced to declare war against his sister?

Morgan MacAlister and his wife, Kat, return to the Highlands to reclaim Morgan's heritage, only to find that the sister he left behind is waging a war of vengeance on their traitorous half-brother, Canton. Eileen is not the innocent young girl he left behind.

Gallagher Glencairn has returned with Morgan to reclaim his own inheritance and finds that the golden-haired lass with the beautiful haunted eyes now rules his clan. Gallagher is determined he'll take his clan back any way he has to. He gives Eileen two choices—she can agree to wed him, or he will wage war against her and take his inheritance back. 

Eileen is tough on the outside but harbors a terrible secret within, a secret of pain, betrayal and a fierce desire for revenge.

Publisher's Note: This steamy historical romance, set in the Highlands, contains old fashioned, loving discipline. 

                                 My opinion:
                i received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Eileen MacAlister's brother, Canton, wanted to marry her to a much older man, the old Laird of Glencairn. Eileen was very hurt and she wished her other brother, Morg, was there to save her. Unfortunately for her, no one came to her rescue, but she vowed to herself to get revenge on everyone. After a year the old man was dead and her plan to rule the MacAlister and the Glencairn clans had just started. Three years later her plans were about to change since her brother Morg and her late husband's son, Gallagher, decided to return. Morg took back his rightful place and Eileen had to marry for a second time a Glencairn to secure her son's future. Her half-brother Canton was furious with these events, he managed to escape and plot his own revenge on the MacAlisters. Soon the time came where they had to face all the traitors of the two clans. Morg and Gallagher won and came back home to their wives. The nightmare had finally ended and Eileen had to forget about the past and move forward with the man who truly loved her.

It is an amazing historical romance with a very captivating storyline. It contains fights, rape, betrayal, loyalty, love, and discipline. The erotic scenes and the spankings aren't so many in this one. It gets a bit emotional towards the end, it made me cry. I liked the characters and I was glad we got to see more of Kat and Morg. In general is a very good book, I totally recommend it and I will rate it with 5 stars.

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