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RELEASE REBOOT: Revenge in the Highlands by Brandy Golden

Revenge in the Highlands by Brandy Golden

Left behind by her brother.
Sold by her half-brother.
Bred for an heir by her husband.
Eileen wants revenge!
What reviewers are saying:
  • What a great sequel in this exciting series, it's storytelling at its finest.
  • ...well written plot with strong characters and is filled with drama, intrigue, suspense and many twist and turns.
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Fiercely embittered from being used by men as a pawn in their schemes, Eileen is not happy to see her brother return. Nor is she happy to see the son of the laird she married, bore a son too, and whose lands and titles she inherited for her own son, arrive with him. Eileen is tough on the outside, but harbors a terrible secret within; a secret of pain, betrayal and a fierce desire for revenge.

Gallagher Glencairn returns with Morgan MacAlister and both men mean to reclaim their heritage. But Morgan's sister, a beautiful golden-haired girl with haunted eyes, now rules his clan. Gallagher gives Eileen two choices, she can either wed him or he'll wage war against her and take it. Gallagher was born to rule Glencairn and rule it he will.

Publisher's Note: Old-fashioned, loving discipline plays a part in this love story. If that offends you, please do not read.
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When the sharp whistle pierced the air, Eileen was unprepared. With a snort, Minion reared up and whinnied then took off at an instant gallop, dragging Delilah with him. It was Minion who was leading now, and with the rope tied to Delilah’s saddle, Delilah automatically took off after him, following his lead like a subservient female. Eileen cursed as she grabbed the reins and tried to pull Delilah in, but the little mare was rebelling, not wanting to return to her control. It was only a matter of seconds before Minion came to a halt in front of the mocking Gallagher and Eileen was looking into the piercing eyes of her handsome new husband.

“Let go of my horse,” she demanded as his hand reached out to take Delilah’s bridle. Her hand flew to the rope to release Minion but Gallagher reached up and grabbed her, tugging her from the saddle. Eileen screeched as she felt herself falling and she landed on his hard chest, her free hand scrabbling at his shoulder to control her fall. She felt his other arm grip her below her buttocks and hoist her on over his shoulder. He then slapped her protruding rear end several times, his hard hand burning through her riding skirt with a vengeance. She bucked straight up, kicking against his thighs uncontrollably as she cried out in pain. “Let go of me, damn you,” she hissed through clenched teeth.

Gallagher simply carried her, struggling and kicking over to a large rock. He sat her on her feet and held onto her arm with one hand, while his other hand went to his belt. His silver eyes burning into hers, he deftly unsnapped the Glencairn crested buckle and drew the wide strap from its loops.

Eileen began to struggle in earnest, kicking out at him, trying to free her arm from his iron grasp. “Ye are not going to use that thing on me, I won’t allow it,” she demanded stridently, her face blanching at the grim determination on his. Her buttocks were already burning from the hard slaps he’d administered and she was close to panicking at the thought of that broad belt landing across her tender cheeks.

“Ye are in no position to demand anything, wife, and ye are about to find out what happens when ye disobey my orders.” Grimly he sat and dragged her over his lap. Folding the long belt in half, he lifted his arm and brought it crashing down in the middle of her wriggling backside.
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I'm a sweet romance writer with a bit of the hot and spicy thrown in. I love creating wonderful stories that the reader can immerse themselves in and leave the real world behind for awhile. I especially love strong alpha males who aren't afraid to take their girl in hand if she needs it. I live in the midwestern United States with my family and I really love cowboy stories especially. However, I'll write about anything that comes to mind. The imagination is endless and you never know when a sudden idea will pop up that you just have to write about. If you are enjoying the Revenge series so far, please feel free to leave a review, I would love it.

Oh, and just so you know, these books all stand alone. Each book is a complete love story but some of the characters overflow into each other. But there are no cliffhangers to leave you dangling in the wind like a soap opera! I'm working on the third one right now and it should be along sometime this year.

Thank you!
Brandy Golden




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