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Review: Hooked (Hardwired #1) by DeAnna Browne

When virtual reality surpasses people’s wildest dreams, many struggle to remain in the real world. Sixteen-year-old Ari has watched the financial and emotional cost of virtual reality addiction for years as her father continues barely existing in a VR coma. Unfortunately, her only option to help her family escape poverty is if she studies the one subject she hates and fears: virtual reality programming.

Despite her misgivings, Ari soon develops a rare talent that makes her question everything. Now she must hide her ability or risk becoming a priceless commodity that governments and corporations will fight, steal or even kill to possess. As officials tighten the shackles surrounding Ari, she rebels against her imposed future and searches for a way to save those she loves. Yet, running proves impossible, when the government is always one click away.

                                                                My opinion:
                           I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Ari was living in a world that everyone was hooked on the virtual reality. This was her weakness. She loved the real world but in order to help her family, she had to study to be a programmer for the VR. At first, it was very difficult because of her fear but slowly she was getting better at it. Soon she noticed that she had some special abilities. She tried to hide it but when she tried to save her brother the school caught her. Ari wanted a better future for her and her loved ones so for the first time in her life she rebelled against the authorities.

My experience with sci-fi books is limited since I am not a fan of this genre but I have to say that I loved this story. It is well written, the plot is very interesting, addicting and easy to follow. The characters are realistic and very likable. My favorite was Tess. Even though most of the storyline is focused on the virtual reality, it has a romantic part as well. It is perfect for all ages since it doesn't contain any x-rated scenes. My favorite part of the book was the action towards the end. I liked it a lot, I totally recommend it and I will rate it with 5 stars.

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