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Tour Kit - #MeBeingMe

by Challa Fletcher
Genre: Middle Grade, Coming of Age

Jonathan is getting ready to start 6th grade, but without his best friend. The issues of growing up are about to become all too real for him, especially with bullying and labels and all the other pressure that comes along with growing up. He's hoping his close relationship with his brothers, his love for treehouses and his passion for comics will be enough to pull him through the rough patches, but will it?

Excerpt #1
“What did I do?”
“Are you kidding me? You stood me up,” I started to really get mad.
“I didn’t stand you up!”
“Oh sorry, right. You lied to me about what you were doing and went and saw the movie that we were supposed to see together with a bunch of douches from your school.”
“Hey, you don’t even know them.”
“You’re acting just like those jerks at schools.” At that moment it all made sense. “You’re acting like the cool kids. You’re one of them!”
David had gotten labeled. He lied to me, again. He just didn’t want me to know that he wasn’t the geek like me. He never was. From the first day of school he was a cool kid. We weren’t the same any more.

About the Author
I was born in Colorado Springs, CO as an Army Brat. I have lived all across this country but unfortunately I don't remember most of it (hate that). What I do remember is growing up in Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan, playing in my grandmother's basement that was filled with books my family bought for me and my sister, pretending to be a singer, a news anchorwoman, and a writer. Of these, reading and writing stuck.

When I was still very young I moved to Arkansas with my father and sister and have thus lived here for most of my life. I graduated from Jacksonville High in Jacksonville, AR. I got my BBA from Philander Smith College and my MSM from Kaplan Online University. And I have spent the last 10 years working for the State of Arkansas. Yet all I really wanted to do was have reasons to read and write. But not only did I want to write, I wanted to share my writing with the world. 

I have not been more proud of a completed goal as I am of being able to share #MeBeingMe with you. This story is inspired by my oldest son (and my own) experiences with challenges, change, and middle school (sometimes it really does suck).

I still live in Arkansas with my three sons and our dog, Barker. I am still finding every available minute to read, write, and share it with the world.

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