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Review: Comfort Zone (Awkward Love #4) by Missy Johnson

Walking into Jake’s bachelor party to see my professor motorboating a stripper?

Talk about Awkward.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t completely hot for the guy. I had been since I first walked into that feline anatomy class and saw him performing chest compressions on a Persian cat named Andrew. All I could think about was how I wanted to be the next creature to slither under those strong, masculine hands.

It was every woman’s dream, right? Finding a man who knew how to handle a pussy. 

So, as I sat in that strip club and knocked back my third tequila, I started thinking... I should make a move on him.

When our eyes locked over the busty blonde stripper who was gyrating against me, and he smiled, it was all the encouragement I needed. I politely pushed her aside, stood up, and walked over to him and…

I’ve got no idea what happened next. I knew there was a reason I avoided drinking tequila.

Judging by the way he’s smirking at me as I walk into his class on Monday? 

I’m not sure I want to know…

                                 I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

                                                          My opinion:

Becca Chambers was a twenty-seven-year-old veterinarian student who had a crush on her hot professor, Liam Sullivan. He found out about it and he was enjoying torturing her.  Things started escalating at her best friend's bachelor party. They got to see another side of them and realized that there was a mutual attraction. What was holding them back from exploring it was the student/professor relationship. Of course, that changed when they started falling for each other.

It's such a funny romance. It's more concentrated on the plot but it has some steamy love scenes to back it up. The storyline is interesting and captivating. All the characters are strange and very entertaining but my favorite was Becca. Her awkward moments and her nonexistent mouth filter made this book so much fun to read. The parts I enjoyed the most were her conversations with her Mom. This is my favorite book of this series so far and I will rate it with 5 stars. 

                               You can buy it from Amazon:

                                      Comfort Zone

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