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Review: The King's Secret Bride: A Royal Wedding Novella (Royal Weddings Book 3) by Alexis Angel,Daphne Dawn

I'm the bad boy king.
Infamous the world over.
And now my family tells me this.
The only way to fix my image,
Is to find a queen...

The minute Vivienne walks in, I want her.
My new PR rep. Says she's going to clean me up.
Well, I know exactly what she can clean up.
Because things are about to get filthy.

I'm going to make her squirm.
Give her a taste of what she wants.
Then make her beg for more. 

Until we get caught. With me on my knees.
But this sassy little thing has a solution.
Puts quite the spin on it.

What I don't expect?
A surprise I never saw coming...

                                                                  My opinion:
Former Prince David Lockridge was a very sexy and cocky man. He was known as every woman's wet dream. Now that he was a King he had to fix his reputation, so his team was bringing Vivienne Taylor from New York to do that. Vivien was a huge fan of him so her new job wasn't going to be easy for her. She was right, the King's sneaky sexy ways put both of them in a compromising position. Thankfully Vivien managed to turn this situation in their favor. Everything was going according to her plan until the moment David royally fucked up. He hurt the only person who believed in him and who he truly loved. David had only one chance to bring back his queen and have his happily ever after.

It's a very sexy and entertaining romantic story. We have King David, the sexiest man alive, who is so full of himself and he doesn't lose a chance to advertise his package. Then we have Vivien, a woman who worked hard to be a professional PR but her weakness towards David almost ruined her. The story is nice and funny at times but mostly hot. It's on the short side and focused on the King's transformation. My favorite part was their first meeting and their inner monologues. I totally recommend this to those who love a naughty afternoon read. I will rate it with 4 stars.

My favorite lines:
1)“Holy fuck!” I yell in surprise. How am I already covered in his cum? I just walked through the door.

2)Um, hell no, Your Majesty. I am not here for your entertainment.

3)All the rumors are true—he’s as long and horny as a unicorn’s horn. And it’s almost as big as his ego.

                               You can buy it from Amazon:

                                 The King's Secret Bride

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