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TEASER SHARE PACKET: Mastered by Sara Fields

The Vakarrans have taken one human prisoner. Soon, they'll take another.
Mastered - Vakarran Captives book 2 by USA Today bestselling author Sara Fields - releases June 23rd!

A plan. A prisoner. A punishment. My name is Alaina Stryke. I've been living in hiding ever since the ruthless Vakarrans conquered Earth. They've captured my sister. I need to find out what happened to her. If they took her, broke her. If she's even still alive. I prepare to take a Vakarran prisoner and find out for myself. They take me as theirs instead. Four Vakarran captors. Four alien warriors meant to punish, train and master me. To teach me my place. But I'm strong. They'll never break me. They can have my body. I don't care. But they will never, ever master my heart. **Despite being part of the Vakarran Captives series, Mastered may be read and enjoyed as a standalone reverse harem sci-fi romance!**
Kira Stryke doesn't care what the Vakarrans do to her. She refuses to be broken. And they'll never earn her love.

About Sara
Sara Fields is a USA Today Bestselling author of romance with a proclivity for kinky things, especially those centered in the HOT, NAUGHTY and DIRTY realm. If you like romance, science fiction, fantasy, menage, age play, pet play and other kinky filthy things, you will enjoy her books.

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