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Review: Hidden Michael (A Frosted Game of Hearts Book 3) by Victoria Pinder

Michael was falsely imprisoned by "friends" and is now out for revenge.
Prepare for adventure. Expect romance. Count on Revenge.
Betrayal, adventure and revenge consume Michael Hanniel’s thoughts. He transforms himself into a mysterious and wealthy self made billionaire with every intention to insinuate himself back in the lives of his best friend and ex-girlfriend who wrongly imprisoned and murdered his family.
Sophie Mira needs to get away, and fast before her former boss and his goons find her and make her pay for what she’s done. With no viable options stateside, she sets out to visit her cousin at her small, secluded island estate, but her trip doesn’t go as smoothly as she planned. 
Just as Michael is about to put his cunning plan of revenge in action, Sophie disrupts his life. However her sweetness also fuels hope once his plans are finished.
Romance and adventure combine that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until Michael exacts his revenge.

                                                       My opinion:
           I recieved an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Sophie's mother had recently died and she was now the only guardian of her three younger sisters. Unfortunately she had put them in a terrible mess, that's why she decided to find her cousin Kimberly to help them. On their way there an ice storm hit them and found shelter in Michael Haniel's house. Michael was a man on a mission. For a long time he was focused on his revenge, but the arrival of the 4 girls started changing him. Sophie and Michael fell in love instantly and he felt the need to protect them. For that to happen he needed to make a few changes to his original plan and inform her about it. In such a small time they had been through some scary situations but got out stronger. In the end they could live like a big happy family. 

It's the third book of the series: A Frosted Game of Hearts. It's about Michael and Sophie's life threatening situations and their love. It has many different characters which cause some funny scenes. The storyline in general is quite intriguing, especially the mysterious/adventurous part. The romantic part was a bit cheesy for my taste but nice nevertheless. It has some unexpected events and there are characters from the other series as well. It was an enjoyable read and i will rate it with 3,5 stars.

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                                     Hidden Michael

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