Review: From Ashes To Flames (West Brothers #1) by A.M. Hargrove

She was the nanny. He was the boss. Most of the time he thought he worked for her.

Dr. Greydon West had it all … or at least that’s what everyone said.
The broody, single father of two was nothing like I’d imagined.
He was my boss … I was the nanny.
Hot-tempered and regimented, with spreadsheets for everything, he had me wondering why he’d ever had kids in the first place. 
The word fun did not exist in his vocabulary.
And then one day I stumbled upon his secrets… the mystery behind his brusque behavior.
I began to soften towards him and notice things I hadn’t before.
That was when those sexy dreams started waking me up at night.
The lust that exploded within me was impossible to ignore.
And that kiss … I definitely should not have let that happen.
Nothing good could result from that. 
If I wasn’t careful, everything, including my heart, would go up in flames.

                                                                  My opinion:

Greydon West was one of the best cardiologists. He was a recent widower, hurt and betrayed by his late wife. He had to continue his life with his two young kids. Marin McLain was a young woman recently single and unemployed. Their paths crossed when their parents had enough with their self-pity. Marin was forced to work as his nanny and he had no say in this. At first, they didn't get along but slowly things got better between them.  After months they realized that they were attracted to each other and decided to explore it. Everything was going fine until Grey's insecurities kicked in and ruined everything. A little late he figured out that Marin was the only one for him and prayed that he still had a chance to get her back.

It's a nice family romance. The storyline is simple and super sexy in the second half of the book. It starts kinda sad then it gets happier and a bit emotional at times. I loved the characters, especially the little girl. My favorite parts were the conversations between the two main characters and Kinsley plus the love scenes. It's a good book, well written and fun. I will rate it with 4 stars. 

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                                   From Ashes To Flames

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