Review: Miss Compton's Christmas Romance by Sophie Barnes

Sometimes playing pretend can lead to the perfect romance…

When Miss Leonora Compton decides to go to Sheffield and spend Christmas with her sister, she finds herself travelling with a man she cannot afford to like. But as their journey progresses she enters an unexpected partnership with him and realizes that things aren't what they seem. Because Mr. Dalton is not only tempting. He may in fact be precisely what she needs.

When Philip believes his travel companion requires protection, he immediately steps in to help by pretending to be her husband. For although the last thing he wants is to form an attachment, Philip is irrevocably drawn to the stunning red-head. And as they become better acquainted and their paths increasingly intertwined, he must decide if risking heartache again is worth the chance of finding true love.

                                                       My opinion:
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Leonora Compton was a modern woman of her age. She wanted to be independent and own a flower shop rather than being a wife running a household. Her shop wasn't going well and the rise in the rent put her in a difficult position. She was going to cancel her visit to her sister but her best friend changed her mind. On the train, she met a dashing man, Mr. Philip Dalton. She was attracted by him from the first moment she noticed him. The same happened to him. The need to save her from an annoying stranger brought them closer. It was so hard to fight the urge to touch her but he was a gentleman and kept his distance. Of course, that changed when they figured out that their destination was the same. After spending enough time together they realized that what they were feeling was much stronger. Even though Philip didn't want to marry again, he couldn't imagine his life without her...

It's a historical romance. Perfect for all audiences since it doesn't contain explicit scenes. The plot is simple, sort and to the point. There aren't excessive details and not too much information about the main characters, just enough to explain their current situation. I liked the storyline a lot, especially the little twist towards the end. I recommend this book to everyone and I will rate it with 4,5 stars. 

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