Review: Christmas Candy (The Hard and Dirty Holidays #5) by Celia Aaron

A Christmas novella where everyone gets their just desserts. 
Olive had a major crush on Hank in high school. She was the too-smart, slightly chubby girl who gawked as Hank ran track and made all the cheerleaders swoon. After high school, the two went their separate ways. Olive opened a yoga studio and swore off sweets while Hank traveled the world. No problem, right? At least there wasn't a problem until Hank moved back to town and opened a candy shop across the street from Olive's studio. Now, Olive will do everything she can to shut her old crush down. But Hank has other plans, and all of them end with an Olive sundae.

                                                                My opinion:
Olive Granderson had a weight problem when she was younger so after she tried a few yoga and pilates classes she decided to create her own yoga studio. Unfortunately for her, her high school crush,  Hank Winters, had opened a candy store across the street.  She was trying hard to resist him and his candies but he had other ideas. His persistence and his sneaky ways broke down her walls and she gave in to the temptation. Not only she tasted his "goodies" but also she realized how wrong she was about him. 

It's a super hot and sweet Christmas story. Perfect for those who have a sweet tooth and a naughty mind. The storyline is simple and focused on their chemistry and their relationship. If you want to have a little holiday fun then this is the book for you. 5 stars from me!!!

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