TEASER SHARE PACKET: Little Boy Blue by T.C. Galinari

We are HERE for the thrills and chills of this YA adventure! Little Boy Blue by Teresa Crumpton writing as T.C. Galinari will be live August 15th!!!

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Parents are always overreacting. "Stay away from strangers," they say. "Don't go near the woods," they warn. And it's all so pointless until there's a tragic accident.
And here, there was a tragic accident. One that haunts me to this day. It still leaves me with a broken heart, missing my brother. But this story? It's not about me. It's about him.

About T.C. Galinari
An aspiring writer from the time she was a child, T.C. Galinari pens young adult romance and fantasy with a thrilling twist. She also writes dark supernatural fiction and contemporary romance (all for adults!) as Teresa Crumpton.
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