Review: Cruel Boy by Clarissa Wild

 Rich boys sin best.
Gossip always goes around at Falcon Elite Prep.
Everyone knows Nate Wilson, the most popular football quarterback and every girl’s crush.
But there’s more behind those drop-dead gorgeous eyes and that killer smile …
He’s a notorious heartbreaker …
And he’s got his eyes set on me.
The twisted games he plays are cruel and dangerous.
He teases and tempts me … just to ruin me.
Because I know the one thing he doesn’t want anyone to know.
A big, dirty secret …
And there’s nothing bad boys won’t do to keep a secret buried.

                                                My opinion:
                                    Bad girl, Sam! Bad girl. Don’t be so fucking horny.
 Nate Wilson was the most handsome, popular boy at the school and the varsity quarterback. Samantha Cook was a nobody at her school. One tragic night she was at the wrong place the wrong time and she became Nate's target. She had evidence he needed and he would do anything to get them. A war broke out between them. The more he was chasing after her the more his attraction towards her was growing. Sam felt the same for him, but the fear he installed and the secrets, had her questioning everything. When the truth was revealed Sam was the one who fought for him till the end.

Cruel boy is dark romance filled with suspense and sexual tension. It's about two troubled teenagers who met through a tragedy. The storyline is great, easy to follow, with enough secrets to keep your interest and a twist that will blow your mind. It's well written, it has good detailing when it's needed. The characters are amazing, they have kept some of their teenage attitudes but act mature as well. My favorite moments were when Nate and Sam were intimate with each other. In general, it's a very enjoyable read. I will rate it with 4.5 stars.

                                                      Cruel Boy

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