TEASER SHARE PACKET: Bastard's New Baby by Raisa Greywood

HOT ALPHA MALE ALERT! Bastard's New Baby by Raisa Greywood is available everywhere!!!

Jackson McKenna's got a reputation to protect -- he needs a wife. Siobhan O'Malley has a baby to raise -- she needs a husband. He's looking for the perfect woman to play with. She's looking for the perfect power play against a pair of greedy grandparents. He wants to get down and dirty. She wants to fight even dirtier to protect her nephew. Will their marriage of convenience fizzle as soon as they both get what they need, or is this a union that will sizzle with unexpected heat and chemistry?

About Raisa
Author of filthy smut, empty nester, and cat snuggler, Raisa grew up in traveling all over the world with a military family, but finally settled down and married the love of her life. After nearly a quarter century together, she and her husband are still very much in love. They even hold hands in public! They share the house they bought as newlyweds with a pair of irascible cats and a big red rescue horse.
She’s worked as a teacher, an actuary (her husband called her a bookie – which isn’t too far from the truth), mother, scout leader, and is now enjoying semi-retirement.
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