COVER SHARE PACKET: Blood Lust by Sinistre Ange and Raisa Greywood

LOVE BITES. LITERALLY. Check out the cover for Blood Lust: A Happily-Never-After anthology from Sinistre Ange and Raisa Greywood!! It's coming your way on Valentine's Day, February 14!

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Love bites. Literally. When two ancient vampires lose the love of their immortal lives, they lose each other, too. Everlasting vengeance follows them through the centuries. Forgiveness can never come when the wounds are so fresh, yet it might cost them all they hold dear. Join Raisa and Sinistre, but keep the lights on. As with all the Happily-Never-After books, the dawn of a happy ending will never come, and each story is more terrifying than the last.

About The Authors
Sinistre Ange is the alter ego of Golden Angel and explores some of the darker sides of erotica - kink, fetish, supernatural creatures, breeding fantasies, and more. Raisa Greywood prides herself on writing filthy smut and has published ten individual titles and multiple stories appearing in various anthologies and collections.

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