Review: Biker's Bride (Demons MC) by B.B. Hamel

I never wanted to be owned by a biker.

I’m a good person, a normal college girl. But when I witness a gang murder, my future hangs in the balance.

Nobody can save me. Except maybe the cocky a**hole from my past.

Ford Cook is a hard man. He leaves waves of violence and broken hearts everywhere he rides. His tough body is covered in tattoos and muscles, and he doesn’t care how many skulls he cracks to get what he wants.

And in order to keep me safe, he expects me to become his bride.

Now I’m claimed by the man who left me so many years ago. I hate him for what he did to me, but I need him to save my life.

Even though my new husband is an arrogant bastard, I can’t help but stare at his ripped body. He knows what I’m thinking, and he’s going to make me say it.

I want him, but I hate him so much.

I’m not sure how long I can take it. I need to play the part of a biker’s bride, or else get handed over to the people that want me dead.

                                                                   My opinion:

Caralee Lawson was always a good girl who dreamed to have a better life. In her last year of college, she met Rod, a member of Rebels MC. He showed her a little bit of his crazy life but ended up putting her in serious danger. In her desperation, she went to the Demons MC for help and there she found an old "friend", Ford Cook. They had a small history together and now Ford was ready to claim her and help save her life. Three MCs ready to go to war because of a girl and a misunderstanding. Some of them lost some of them won... but the most important thing was that Caralee finally had the life she deserved next to a man who worshiped her.

 This is a great biker romance filled with action, suspense,  many scorching hot scenes with dirty talk and rough sex. The plot is addicting, it is written by a Dual POV in present time
with a few time-lapses to the past. It has a gradual development, without losing interest. Half of the story is focused on the romantic relationship and the other half is pure action between the clubs. I would have liked to see how the Demons acted as a club and family. I enjoyed this book and I will rate it with 4 stars.

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