Review: Loving Liv (Gone Wild #5) by Stacey Kennedy

 Liv Sloane needs a vacation. After her cheating ex broke her heart--and their engagement--Liv never fully recovered. In fact, she's spent the past two years avoiding romance at all costs... with the exception of that sizzling one-night stand she can't seem to forget. So when her friends from college suggest a reunion cruise, Liv knows a relaxing week of sun, sand, and beach reads is exactly what she needs to clear her mind. But when they board the ship, Liv is hit with two surprises. Her friends accidentally booked a singles cruise, and her one-night stand is waiting on deck.

Miles Schantz has spent the past six months thinking about Liv. As a Dom at one of the hottest sex clubs in Las Vegas, Miles has his pick of women... so why can't he get Liv out of his head? When he receives an email asking him to join Liv on a cruise, he can't believe his luck. But when he meets her on board--and she's completely unaware of her "invitation"-- Miles has to come up with a new plan. Six nights of no-strings-attached passion. Six nights of wild fantasies, sexy games, and forbidden adventures. Six nights to show Liv that she belongs with him...

Five friends. One singles cruise. So many sexy shenanigans. Be sure to check out all of the standalone Gone Wild books!

                                                                  My opinion:
                            I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review 
 A wedding in Vegas was the reason Liv Sloane and Miles Schantz saw each other and got acquainted. Liv worked as a personal assistant in a real estate agency in San Fransisco. Miles lived in Las Vegas he was one of the members of the exclusive sex Club Sin and he runs the front club where that was located. Liv was heartbroken by her previous relationship, so no matter how good that night was she couldn't give a chance to a relationship with him. A friend of hers had
other ideas and invited Miles to the cruise she was going. As a Dominant Miles knew what he wanted and went after it. This time he wanted Liv and had six days to convince her that they belonged together. Could Liv overcome her fears and be happy?

Loving Liv is the fifth book of the Gone Wild series. It's a BDSM romance filled with intense erotic moments. It's fun, romantic and emotional at times. It is a well-written story, told by a third
POV. It catches your attention from the very first moment and it entertains you throughout the whole book.  The erotic scenes are quite exhibitionist and extremely hot. The characters are lovely with good background stories.
  I enjoyed reading it and I will rate it with 4.5 stars.

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