Review: Ring Me: A fake fiance romance by Nora Flite

 We met three days ago.
Now we're getting married.

Here are the facts:
I hate weddings. I hate relationships. I don't believe in love.
Lucky me, none of that matters to Conner Whynn. He's the gorgeous slice of beefcake I met up with for a single night of fun.
And it WAS fun. Unforgettable, actually. But now that he knows all my secrets, I can't ever see him again. That's my rule.
So why am I going to have to stare at his brutally handsome face every day for the next week?
Because my mother is my world. I'll do anything to help her out—even snag a pretend fiancé. Conner is my only option on such short notice.
Seven days with a stranger. After that, we can split.
Which is what I want. Or . . . I did.
Here are the new facts:
I still hate weddings. I don't hate THIS relationship . . .
And I believe our fake love can become real.

                                                                My opinion:
                                 I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review 
 Ring me is a romantic and sexy novel about Maya Fontine and Conner Whynn. The plot is simple and fun at times. It is focused on the romantic relationship between the two main characters and family relationships as well. Half of it is playful and the other half very emotional.
It contains many sexual scenes, mostly dirty ones. The story is told by Maya's point of view. It is well written with good details. The characters are nice and they are easy to relate to.
If you like kinky scenarios then you're going to love this book. I will rate it with 3/5 stars. 

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