Review: Why (Stalker Series, #2) by Megan Mitcham

An attorney with a spotless record. A client with blood on his hands. How much will she risk to set the verdict straight?

Prosecutor Genevieve Holst lives for the thrill of putting bad guys behind bars. She owes her undefeated court record to Perry, her boss, and mentor. So when he’s accused of murdering his wife and children, she moves to the other side of the courtroom to defend the man who believed in her when no one else would. Her inevitable victory in court feels hollow when she catches Perry sneaking off to a secret meeting with a gorgeous woman and hosting extravagant soirees at the scene of the crime.

Guilt-ridden at the thought of letting a possible killer go free, she follows her mentor’s every move… and runs into the same NYPD detective who warned her against taking the case. When the detective threatens to arrest her for stalking if she doesn’t stop, she’s faced with an impossible decision—save her career and let an almost-certain killer walk free or risk everything to bring him to justice.

                                                                  My opinion:
                           I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review 
Why is the second installment in the Stalker Series. It's a powerful psychological suspense thriller with a small dose of romance. The plot is amazing, it has so many twists and surprises that will leave you breathless. It's well written with great details that intensify every scene. The characters were great especially Gen, she was so perceptive, authoritative, tenacious, strongwilled. She and her girlfriends were the classy/sassy squad. I loved every minute reading this book and I will rate it with 5 stars.


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