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Τρίτη, 17 Μαρτίου 2020

Review: Billionaire Rancher Stepbrother: Small Town Romance by Marian Tee

 I've been in love with my stepbrother for years, and the whole town knows it.

Heck, even my own stepfather knows it, and he's totally supportive. There's nothing that stands in the way of our love...or make that my love, since it's my stepbrother himself who's trying to pretend there's nothing between us.
But there is.
And I thought, if I waited long enough, if I was patient and sincere enough...I just thought if I loved him hard enough, he would eventually realize he loved me back.
But he just kept hurting me...just over and over until I was the one who realized the truth.
My stepbrother is never going to love me back. 

                                                            My opinion:
                          I received a copy in exchange for an honest review 
 Billionaire Rancher Stepbrother is a taboo step-sibling insta-love story with a twist.
In most taboo stories their love is a secret and forbidden but in this one it's popular and everyone is rooting for them except Damian. It is filled with so many flirty and cute moments. There are a few heated scenes with a kinda kinky theme. The sibling interaction and their dialogues were so fun to read. Just like every other book, it has a chapter that you want to cry and hate the man but the ending is so worth it. My favorite character was Sarah, she was such an optimistic, persistent, forgiving and loving soul. I liked that we got to see characters from the other series as well. In conclusion, this book is a great read, it helps you forget and enjoy a few hours of carefree, so I will rate it with 5 stars.

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