PREVIEW BLAST PACKET: Stolen: A Sci-Fi Alien Alpha Romance by Alison Aimes

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He’s a half-Martian Warlord. Savage, dominant, and dangerous—and now he’s on the hunt. For her.
Deception is a way of life for desperate thief Aurora Blake. Her sole purpose is to snatch enough jewels to escape her vicious stepfather, the powerful head of the corrupt Earther Corporation.
And the fierce Warlord she frames for her crimes? He's the last complication she needs.
She never expects to cross his path. Or to burn so hot after watching from the shadows as his rough commands bring exquisite pleasure to another female.
But Aurora's expectations don't matter when the Warlord wants her for himself. He won't stop until he's claimed her as his obedient mate.
Can she survive whatever he has in store once he discovers she's stolen far more than his barbarian heart?
Stolen is a sexy, standalone Alpha Alien Romance full of danger, betrayal, love, and the kind of epic steam that will have you flipping the pages fast!
With a silent shout of triumph, she half fell onto the small stone balcony. Above, hazy stars twinkled in a muddy sky. The dome might have started out transparent, but it had long ago been covered by enough dirt and dust to produce a film that obscured everything beyond.
Still, it was pretty out here, the thin rays of the moon strong enough tonight to cast everything in a soft glow.
Sagging against the outer stone wall, her heart rate slowed. The sting of the women’s chatter erased as the soothing scent of honeysuckle and orange blossom, piped in to all the wealthy neighborhoods, filled her lungs.
If this past planetary rotation had taught her anything, it was to take the good where she found it.
Tipping back her head, she drank it in, the slight breeze from the air generators winding around her bare shoulders and neck, a caress as soft and tantalizing as an imagined lover’s touch. A strange heat built at the base of her spine and curled upwards. Simple overexcitement from her close call? Maybe. There was something faintly familiar about the sensation, but she couldn’t recall from where.
Whatever the case, she wouldn’t be out here very long. Already, she could hear the ladies gathering up their belongings, stealing a last sip, and making their way out of the room to return to the party. Just as she needed to do. Soon.
Warmth spread through her belly and up her limbs, the faint exotic scent of licorice and spice mingling with the floral smell and prompting her to breathe deep, a strange, pleasant heat pulsing in her belly and chest.
Everything was going to work out. She wouldn’t allow it to be any other way.
A noise disrupted her reverie.
She looked down. Froze.
In the garden, against a marble column, two writhing forms were locked together. The female’s bare leg wrapped around the male’s waist while one large hand gripped her bottom through her dress and propelled her upward. The other hand clasped her wrists above her head and locked her in place.
Aurora’s palm slapped over her mouth.
Maybe she was still more of an innocent than she’d realized. Never in her life would she have imagined two people doing that right outside a crowded ballroom.
She scarcely remembered what it was like to be so bold.
She held her breath and listened, the mingling of the woman’s moans and the deeper whispered growls of the man floating up to her. Her body vibrated in response, her body pulled like a magnet toward the scene below.
Careful not to make a sound, she crept closer to the railing’s edge—and bit back a moan.
About Alison
Alison Aimes is the award-winning author of the sexy sci-fi romance series the Condemned as well as the sizzling contemporary romance Billionaire Bad Boys series.
A romance junkie with a PhD in Modern History, she's an all over the map kind of woman who has always had a love for dramatic stories and great books, no matter the era. Now, she's creating her own stories full of intrigue and passion, but always with a happy-ever-after ending.
She lives in Maryland with her husband, two kids, and her dog. When not in front of the computer, she can be found hanging with family and friends, hiking, trying to turn herself into a pretzel through yoga, listening to a fabulous TED talk, or, last but not least, sitting on the couch imagining her characters' next great adventures.
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