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Παρασκευή, 22 Μαΐου 2020

Review: His Virgin: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance by Nikki Chase

 Everything has a price. Including her virginity.

I’m Caine Foster. You know my name. I own this city.

I keep strict control of all my relationships. I always have the upper hand—in business and pleasure.

So when a sweet little thing defies me, it pisses me off. It makes me want to dominate her, bend her to my will, make her beg for my c*ck. I want to turn that angry fire in her green eyes into sweet submission.

I make her an offer. She spends thirty days with me, and I solve her money problems. No mess, no drama, no questions. Just my filthy money for her pure innocence.

But she’s more than I bargained for. I have a new addiction, and her name is Daisy. My dirty little flower.

I’m never letting her go now, contracts be damned.

                                                               My opinion:
His Virgin is a contemporary romance based on the BDSM Master/pet relationships. It's about a billionaire named Caine Foster and a young nurse in need of money, Daisy. The plot is simple, she needs money he needs to control and have fun so he "buys" her for a month.  It's quite blunt, the progress is slow and their relationship seemed to be stable throughout the whole story.  Their love confessions appeared kinda fake. The characters were ok, she was sweet but way too naive and he was too much of an asshole. I have read other books by this author and this one isn't one of her best. I will rate it with 3 stars.


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