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Τετάρτη, 20 Μαΐου 2020

Review: Wingman (Rascals #2) by Katie McCoy

Chase McKenna is the hottest bartender in the city… and he knows it. Sexy, charming, and abs for days? It’s no wonder every girl who walks through the doors is panting for him.

Except me.

I’m stuck crushing on my perfect boss, who has zero idea I’m even alive. I need a plan to catch his attention… and who better to teach me the tricks of seduction than Mr. Panty—Dropper himself?

The rules are simple: no strings, no stress, and definitely no feelings. But it turns out, Chase is way more than I bargained for, and as for the sparks flying between us…?

You can’t teach chemistry like this.

Soon, we’re throwing our lesson plan out the window — and our clothes right after it. We’re breaking all the rules, and my heart’s on the line, but now I’m wondering…

Must all good flings come to an end?

                                                           My opinion:

Kelsey was working in a men's fashion company and had a long-standing crush for her boss. Unfortunately for her, he saw her only as employee and nothing else. Her co-worker and friend advised her to hit on him and after much thought, she decided to do it. Since she didn't feel sexy and had no clue about flirting she asked the help of Chase the bartender and co-owner of Rascals. He was hesitant but he couldn't resist her and soon the lessons began. The hopeless girl was slowly blooming under his guidance and that was how their plan started backfiring on them. The
sparks that existed between them since the beginning intensified leading the lessons on a more physical level and the heart soon followed. They fell in love... Could Chase forget his painful past and be in a relationship with this sweet girl?

It's a super fun and sexy contemporary romance about a romantic girl and a sworn bachelor. It's well written with Dual Pov and good descriptions where is necessary. The storyline is light, exciting, playful and very erotic. I love that each scene can bring out a different emotion, you can go from "aww that is so cute, to, I'm gonna kill that biss" in nanoseconds. The characters are simply amazing and relatable. My favorite was Kelsey, she had such a bubbly personality, and was always so kind. I fell in love with this book from the first chapter and I highly recommend it. I will rate it with 4,8 stars.

Wingman (Rascals #2) 

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