Review: Derailed (seduced by the park avenue billionaire part 2) by Nelle L'Amour

Description:Aspiring toy designer Sarah Greene finds herself irresistibly drawn to the looks, charm, and sophistication of dashing but damaged Park Avenue billionaire, Ari Golden. Despite his emotional limitations and fear of commitment, Ari goes full speed ahead, bringing their steamy relationship to new and exciting heights of sensuality. Sarah, however, comes to a braking halt when she encounters the ruthless woman who scarred her beautiful Trainman. She must make a heart-wrenching decision that will derail their passion. Will she end up a train wreck and lose the man she unconditionally loves?

My opinion: In this book we learn more about Ari's past... how he met his wife, what happened to their marriage and about his and ben's problems, but the best part for me it's that we get to meet his evil ex-wife... And of course more sexy scenes between Ari and 

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