Review: Strangers on a train(Seduced by the park avenue billionaire part 1) by Nelle L'Amour

Description:Sarah Greene’s life is a mess. She’s the low-paid assistant to a tyrannical toy company executive; she can barely pay her rent; her social life sucks, and she’s worried sick about her cancer-stricken mother.

Her life changes when a drop-dead handsome stranger seduces her on a train. Completely out of character, Sarah surrenders herself to him. He turns out to be one of Manhattan’s hottest billionaires, Ari Golden. Impossibly attracted to her, Ari makes Sarah his own personal toy with one caveat: he will not play with her in his bedroom or hers. Spending the night with him is off limits. There are secrets looming--dark ones that stand in the way of a real relationship. As Sarah falls deeper in love with her sexy Trainman, she wonders--can she free him from the demons that have damaged him?

My opinion:A very sexy short story. A billionaire Alpha male finds a simple girl spoils her and rocks her world. The sex scenes are really hot. My favourite part was the beggining on the train where the girl becomes a woman (who had just been fucked,BIG TIME). I can't wait for part 2...

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