Review: Disciplining the Duchess by Annabel Joseph

Over five seasons, Miss Harmony Barrett has managed to repel every gentleman of consequence and engineer a debacle at Almack’s so horrifying that her waltzing privileges are revoked. If she’s not in the library reading about Mongol hordes, she’s embarrassing her family or getting involved in impulsive scrapes. 

Enter the Duke of Courtland, a man known for his love of duty and decorum. Through a vexing series of events, he finds himself shackled to Miss Barrett in matrimony. But all is not lost. The duke harbors a not-so-secret affinity for spanking and discipline…and his new wife is ever in need of it. Will the mismatched couple find their way to marital happiness? Or will the duke be forever Disciplining the Duchess? 

                                           My opinion:
Harmony didn't want to marry but her family insisted. So they made her attend to a party so she can find her match.She liked to read so she always was sneaking into a library.Court would have been married with Gwen but when because of some rumorsshe found someone else,now his family was pushing him to marry another woman and have a child soon.Their first meeting was interesting and a bit funny.After their second meeting he was fascinated by her. Harmony wanted to see the Roman Wall so she tried to go byherself , Court tried to stop her but he couldn't so he took her there even if he didn't want to.When he was angry he told her she deserved a spanking she found it fantastical.So he kept his word and he gave her a spanking. Now he had to marry her to save her reputation.She was afraid that if she became his wife she would embarass him.They agreed that when she wasn't acting the way she should be as a Duchess he would give her a spanking.They had a grand wedding. Her marriage was not dreamlike but she was trying to act better.He thought that he would make her a better person by discipline her but he drove her away. When he realised that he changed the way he acted and they finally had their happy ending.

A nice romantic story.It was funny and emotional at times.
Harmony was so full of life and no boundaries.Court was raised to be a Duke which obviously meant no fan for him while he was growing up. They both changed after they met in a good way.

My favourite line:
1)   “She spends hours in there, reading!”

   “Horrifying,” he murmured. “If she does not take care, she may learn something.”

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                               Disciplining the Duchess

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