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Review: Rare and Precious things (The Blackstone Affair #4) by Raine Miller

Fresh from an idyllic honeymoon along the Italian coast, the Blackstones prepare for the birth of their precious baby and the challenges of settling into a new home. But things get complicated when specters from the past reappear to threaten the very foundation of their relationship. Ethan and Brynne will have to fight harder than ever for each other.  Rare and Precious Things is the story of two people who both need the other in order to be complete, but learn just how "rare" their brand of love is when they have to risk everything in order to hold onto it.

                                             My opinion:
The story begins with Ethan and Brynne after their wedding at their new house exchanging gifts.Then he fucked his wife for the first time like a beast, just like he promised her.They traveled in Italy for their honeymoon.Ethan was always so sweet and protective of her. He loved her so much and so did she.Now Brynne had to face her past once more with her husbands help.They attended Neil's and Elaina's wedding, there Ethan saw someone from his past.He decided to go to see a doctor because of his nightmares.Lance told Brynne what had happend that night years ago and she was finally able 

to move on.After a few months they had their first baby in their arms.They were so happy!!!

There were sweet,romantic and very sexy moments.You can see how much Brynne and Ethan love and need each other.A surprise for me was when Brynne's mom said something nice to Ethan.
You can buy it on Amazon:
                                 Rare and precious things

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