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Review:Knight Takes Queen by CC Gibbs

Katherine Hart has come a long way from the day she accepted a position as codebreaker for Knight Enterprises, glittering domain of playboy CEO Dominic Knight.

With his wicked reputation, nobody could have imagined Dominic Knight sated by just one woman . . . until green-eyed Katherine captured his sole fascination, and stirred his fiercest desire.

Now, newly pregnant with his child, Kate has never been so pampered, nor so very, very satisfied. But when tragedy strikes and Dominic and Kate are forced to reassess, the lovers must ask themselves if such pleasure is ultimately worth the pain.

                                           My opinion:
Dominic was very happy with the thought that he was going to be a father.He wanted her to quit her job and to go back to San Francisco so he was trying to get what he wanted.He was so happy and overprotected with Kate.But poor Kate had a  miscarriage. He was so sweet with her after that and he wanted to marry her right that afternoon.They had a nice ceremony  at the hospital.After a few days they were finally home.Also Kate agreed to work with him.Kate wanted to try for another baby but Dominic was afraid that he would lose her so he denied.But she wasn't ready to give up.Kate won this argument and they were trying to have a baby.When she was finaly pregnant he hired the best doctors on the planet.They had a baby girl.
After a couple of years they had a baby boy... A perfect life!!!

Knight took his Queen and they made a princess and a prince!!!

My favourite lines:
1)‘Actually, I’ve discovered I do have a heart. I was startled at first, then alarmed. Now I’m quite content, happy.’ 
2)Now, you’re just fucking with me
‘Not yet, baby. You’ll know when I’m fucking you.

You can buy it on Amazon:

                                       Knight takes Queen

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