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Review: Bad things by R K Lilley

Danika hasn’t had an easy life. Being insanely attracted to bad boys has never helped make it easier. 
One look at Tristan, and every brain cell she possessed went up in smoke. This man was trouble with a capital T. It was a given.
She knew better. Bad boys were bad. Especially for her. Considering her history, it was crazy to think otherwise. So why did crazy have to feel so damn fine?
For as long as she could remember, Danika had been focused on the future with single-minded purpose. Tristan came along and taught her everything there was to know about letting go, and living in the present. She fell, hard and deep. Of course, that only made her impact with the ground that much more devastating.

                                         My opinion:
Danika was working for a couple as a live in housekeeper/nanny/dogwalker and the list goes on. In their house she heard for the first time Tristan's voice and she was drawn to it.Danika was always dating guys that were trouble and she soon realised that Tristan was one too.He was Jerry's friend and he was going to stay at their house for a week.They were getting along from the beggining.Tristan was a funny guy,he took her out to a club the same night.She had a great time and she loved his friends too.They agreed to be friends because she was the relationship type and he wasn't.They were attracted to each other and had a hard time keeping their hands away.So they made "the friends don't list".This list was the worst idea because they did everything that were written in it.Danika never had an orgasm with a man but she had plenty with Tristan.When she told him that she fell in love with him, his reaction was horrible.He didn't call for weeks but when he saw her at his 
concert he couldn't stand be away from her anymore.They were together after that every single moment and they were happy. Until one day, he really fucked it up.But even then he wasn't going to let her go. A huge tragedy brought them together.

It was beautiful,so many emotions.The end was bittersweet but good.
Danika was always looking for love in her boyfriends because she never had it in her life before. Tristan was broken by love so he was avoiding it until he met Danika. They had such a beautiful chemistry and it was obvious from the first moment.They were perfect for each other.
Danika is sweet,kind,good but she'll tell you exactly what she thinks.

Tristan is funny,charming,sexy,caring and he likes sassy Danika.

My favourite lines:
1)“Every time you make me want to pull my dick out for you, for any reason, I’m throwing you in the
pool. This is for the sake of our friendship, Danika.”
2)“Twatalie made him like that?”
3)“I want you to let go. I want you to submit. I want to make you lose your mind. I want you to be so
far gone that the only word left in your vocabulary is my name.”
4)“I’m going to fuck you hard on the hood of this car, in the pouring rain. And.

You. Are. Not. Going. To. Forget. It.” 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                         Bad things

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