Review: Bedrooms and Broomsticks by Cynthia Rayne

Cayte is convinced her life is beige. She wanted to be an artist, instead she manages a gallery. She is in love with her sexy boss, Tristan, but he doesn't know she's alive. When Cayte receives a book of spells from her grandmother on her thirtieth birthday, she drunkenly decides to cast one. After all, magic isn't real, right?Cayte accidentally summons Beau, a powerful incubus who has bedded legions of women over the centuries. Beau has never been so tempted by a woman and agrees to help her seduce Tristan if Cayte submits to all his desires. Soon, Cayte has Tristan panting for her, but finds she is more interested in the demon she knows.

                                            My opinion:
Cayte was turning 30 at midnight and she was sad because her life wasn't the way she was imagined.Her grandma sent her the family's grimoire which contained their magical knowledge.She thought that this was another one of her grandmas tales and this book was fake so thought that she should try to make a spell just for fun.When she did that she felt a power in her body and when it was over she wasn't alone in her house anymore.The spell brought the demon of desire,Beau.He agreed to bring her the mortal man for her but she had to give him her body.After a big argument she finally agreed to his terms.
He was going to teach her the art of seduction.Beau wanted her only for himself and was annoyed that she wanted a human. Beau made her feel sexy and made her orgasm many times without "sleeping " with her. She felt confused, she was lusting after him.Cayte noticed that he was acting very strange but she was happy for her first date with Tristan.Turns out Tristan
was a big jerk, Cayte was way too good for him.After that she confessed to Beau that she was in love with him and he did the same with her.The Aged demons found out about that and gave him two options. Beau chose the right one.

It was a nice romantic and sexy story. Cayte found out that she was a witch and learn how to act like it with Beau's help. He also made her see how sexy she was and how to accept her beauty. From beige she became a deep red!!!

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