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Review: Bet on Ecstasy (pact of seduction) by Stacey Kennedy

Business partners Smith and Brock share their fortune, success, and their women. A healthy competitive streak built MDR Software into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, and their ongoing bets continuously raise the stakes. The current proposition: an arranged menage encounter through the sex club, Castle Dolce Vita. The prize: a sexy kitten, Kyra.

While the two wealthy, powerful men are enough to pique Kyra’s interests to fulfill the Pact of Seduction and live out her ultimate fantasy, a bet forged between the men comes with an intriguing promise. Her pleasure is now part of their wager.

Soon, Kyra fights against her desire for the men as she struggles through the complications of a menage relationship. Of course, the men take their bets seriously and are determined to show Kyra that in this game of seduction no one loses.

                                                  My opinion:
Kyra's fantasy was to be with two men.When she went to meet the two men (Brock and Smith) the only thing she wanted was to fullfil her fantasy not to get to know them.The two men had put a bet on her, whoever gave her the most orgasms won the money.she had a fun night with them but she walked out on them, the only thing she didn't know was that they didn't take no for an answer.When they met again she started to know a little about their lives.After a month of amazing sex she realised that she had fallen in love with both of them and she was scared.Their work ours reminded her of her father who worked all the time and that ruined their family, she didn't want to live that again.In the end they erased all of her fears and she was happy with her two men.

My favourite lines:
1)“A kitten who hisses.” Brock winked with a dark, seductive look. “I like it.”

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